A complete mapping solution for sectors like Agriculture Mining Energy Power Water Resources Construction

Process IT arc is a UAV image processing software with live action analysis/mapping tools. It can process, analyze and can do mapping of satellite and UAV data. The platform is Cloud-based and is accessible from any device. The platform is created to reduce human efforts for mapping and it is very cost effective and time saving plaform.

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How Process IT arc is useful for you?

Process IT arc is a wide platform useful for all sectors. It enables automatic inspection and analysis of structures and utility. We can process drone images, automatic get processed map and analyzed data like contours, tree counting, house counting, solar panel layout etc. It also enables some advanced tools like stockpile volume analyzer, depth cut analyzer, measurement tools, video geotagger, solar panel planning, yield estimation, plant health detection and many more. It is giving you everthing related to you at one place. We are providing the platform at very effective cost and the best part is, it is developed and customized for you to reduce work load and raise the accuracy bar.

Real-time Mapping

Process IT arc is a wide platform and developed to save both time and money. Image capturing and processing still taking few days for complete processing. But for real time site inspection, we are offering a real-time inspection platform. It is as simple as taking pictures. Just click and upload and your data is ready within few minutes.

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 Cut/fill volume calculator
 Brown field analysis
 Contour analysis
 Tree counting
 House counting
 Dimensional analysis

 Plant health detection
 Field analysis
 Yield analysis
 Smart farming
 Farm management
 Elevation profiling
Water Resources

 Dam crack indentifier
 Crack analysis
 Video geotag mapping
 Inspection with AI
 River analysis
 Flow analysis
 Irrigation planning
Solar energy

 Solar panel fault inspection
 Solar panel setup mapping
 Energy calculation
 Solar panel management
 Geotag panel routing
 Shadow analysis
Wind/Thermal Energy

 Crack inspection
 Damage analysis
 Heat emission calculator
 Crack analysis
 Maintenance scheduler
Railway/ Highway

 Video geotagging
 Damage detection
 Real-time action tool
 Vector mapping
 Crack inspection
 Patch marking

Q & A

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For faster site inspection, you just click the images from drone and upload it on Process IT arc platform and get your processed data within one hour.